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School of Coding was extremely proud to be a part of the BBC West Midlands news on 1st December 2022 and is very thankful for the interest in the empire of tech leaders that we are trying to build here.

The BBC came to Kings School which is based in the West Midlands to see a behind-the-scenes preview of what we are offering to young adults in schools. We want to empower young adults and enhance their knowledge in the tech industry, creating tech leaders of tomorrow and closing the digital skills gap that we currently have. 

One particular sector that the tech industry is lacking in is women in tech jobs. More than 9% of the workforce is employed in the tech industry but, only 1/4 of those are women. We encourage women to get involved in coding courses to pursue their careers in what they love!

Our CEO Manny Athwal is very passionate about delivering these coding workshops, his mission is to integrate coding into all schools across the U.K and internationally. School of Coding currently works with 150 schools across the U.K. and Europe.

If you were inspired to code after seeing us on @bbcmidlands yesterday, take a look at some of the courses that we offer on our webpage! Or give us a call on 01902 509 209 

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