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  Careers in computer science grow and evolve year on year with new roles appearing all the time. Studying computer science opens so many doors for your future with careers ranging from tech support to software development to games testing and everything in between, all available to people from all walks of life and with different levels of expertise. The best thing about a career in computer science is the fact that some avenues in the field are extremely niche which means they are highly lucrative and well-paid jobs. Cybersecurity is an emerging and extremely lucrative field in computer science. Here’s an insight into what it has to offer as a career path.

Some facts about careers in cybersecurity

  • The average salary for someone who works in cybersecurity is around £72,000. The starting salary for someone first starting their path into the field is around £20,000 and depending on job title and experience level, the salary can increase to over £100,000. 
  • By the year 2021, approximately $6 trillion will be spent worldwide on cybersecurity services and training. 
  • There is currently a skills shortage in cybersecurity of around 3 million. This means that there are plenty of jobs out there in cybersecurity, but not enough people with the right skills to fill them.

Careers in Cybersecurity

Compiling a list of every job available in cybersecurity would be a never-ending task as new roles are being developed all of the time and the number of different roles is already huge. With that in mind, here are some of the most common roles and what they entail: 


Someone in this role uses encryption to secure information or to build security software.

Security Analyst

A security analyst works with infrastructure and analyses and assesses any vulnerabilities, and then investigates any possible solutions to combat the vulnerabilities. 

Source Code Auditor

A source code auditor reviews software source code to spot any potential vulnerabilities or security issues that a hacker could use to gain access. 

Penetration Tester

Also known as an ethical hacker. Someone in this role spots vulnerabilities and then purposefully exploits them as a hacker would to give hard evidence that they exist so that a solution can then be identified. 

Cybersecurity Consultant/ Specialist 

A consultant or specialist is someone who does a little bit of everything mentioned above. They may look at source code and infrastructure, they may look for solutions and they may seek evidence of vulnerabilities. They also may specialise in one particular area of cybersecurity. 

What next? 

A good knowledge of coding is vital for a career in cybersecurity and there are hundreds of roles available. Cybersecurity is emerging and constantly evolving. It is also one of the most highly paid and most sought after roles in computing. Many people love their jobs in computer science and cybersecurity as they can be highly rewarding, and thanks to living in the modern age, they can be done from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.
Think you want to take the first steps towards a career in cybersecurity? Get in touch with us today to learn the valuable skills you need in coding and computer science!

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