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As time goes on, the world we live in is changing and it’s changing fast. Think back ten years. Apple and Blackberry were just creeping into the mainstream with the first smartphones and VR was something we saw only in science fiction movies, but now these things and more are commonplace and we’d be lost without them. With the giant leaps forward that technology is making, we have to keep up. That’s why it’s so important for children to learn to code now. None of the technology that we rely so heavily on would exist without coding. If you want your child to have a bright future with a secure job, coding is a must. 

These are the reasons why learning to code is so important:  

Preparation for the Future 

As we’ve mentioned, learning to code is vital in the rapidly evolving digital world that we live in. Technology is moving forward and as it does, companies are always seeking people to help it to evolve and fix it when it doesn’t work. That’s where coding comes in. Your child learning to code from an early age puts them at the forefront of this technological world, and they will have the skills necessary to be the next generation of digital pioneers. 

It is estimated that by 2020, there will be over a million computer science and STEM-related jobs and only 400,000 graduates able to fill them. This number will only increase over time, and that’s why getting your children coding and excited about STEM is so important. 

Transferable Skills 

Coding is much like learning a second language which is why it’s important to start learning it from an early age, but coding doesn’t only help your child with their computing skills. Coding is relevant to almost all academic subjects. As it is very logical in its nature, problem-solving skills are strengthened through code, leading to a better understanding of mathematical concepts like patterns.  

Coding also helps children to think outside the box and visualise abstract concepts, improving their creativity and encouraging them to use a range of approaches to overcome any obstacles they may face. Furthermore, while coding, children learn through trial and error and experimentation. This can massively increase their confidence in themselves, leading to more academic confidence in school.  

Learning to code allows children to take their skills and apply them to real-life situations and scenarios, building up confidence and vital skills such as logic and communication, so not only maths can be improved by learning to code, English and any subject that requires clear communication can be improved also, making coding a great all-round subject with a multitude of benefits.  

Get Your Child into Coding Today 

Here at the School of Coding, we’re passionate about coding and our mission is to inspire young people and develop the tech leaders of tomorrow. We understand how important coding is in the modern age and that’s why we offer coding education ranging from one to one and group lessons, to exciting holiday clubs to students from the age of 6, all the way up to GCSE and A-Level. If you want to give your child a head start, get in touch with us today by calling 01902 509209, drop us an email on [email protected], or use our handy contact page. We can’t want to hear from you.  

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