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With school now back in full swing, it is time to be thinking towards the year ahead and we can only hope that this academic year is as good as the past one has been. GCSE results day was a triumph for the School of Coding, giving us our fourth 100% GCSE pass rate in a row. All of our students did well and should be proud, but one student in particular stood out for his fantastic achievements.

This is what he did: 

Gurjot, along with his parents, approached us here at the School of Coding early in 2019 with the hopes of boosting his grades in time for his upcoming GCSE exam.

At the time he had five months to go until his exam and was projected a grade 2, which is equivalent to a grade E. From his first day up until the time of his exam, Gurjot worked hard and attended weekly sessions with us where he gained an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the concepts he needed, and a few extra, for his upcoming computer science exam. After a short while, Gurjot began to improve in his sessions and grow in confidence.

When it came to his exam, he felt better equipped for it than he ever could have imagined five months prior. By the time results day came around, he had managed to increase his grade by five levels, going from a projected grade 2 to achieving a fantastic grade 7, equivalent to an A/A*. Not only had he improved immensely, he had done it all in just five months.

Well done Gurjot! 

Gurjot is an example of the many students that walk through our doors with hopes of boosting their grades and achieving great things with coding, and he represents all of the students that have worked hard to achieve all passes for GCSE computer science. We are brimming with pride for all of them and we cannot wait to see what the next chapter holds. 

Here at the School of Coding we know that with our top class tuition and the determination and passion of our students, great things can be achieved. We offer tuition all the way from key stage 1 up-to A-Level and we are passionate about igniting a lifelong interest in computer science to inspire the tech leaders of tomorrow. Get in touch here if you’d like to find out more, or call us on 01902 509209.

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