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2020 has shaken things up for everyone and what we knew to be normal has been completely flipped on its head. We have always provided our students with fun-filled, exciting classroom experience in our coding sessions from our beginner sessions right up to our GCSE and adult classes but since March we have had to adapt. We didn’t want to leave our coding family without tuition but we also knew we would have to do some thinking to figure out how to bring our much-loved classroom online. This is what we have done. 

Late last year we developed our E-Learning platform and while we had high hopes for it, we didn’t realise quite how useful it was going to be. Since March our classes have been held as normal, online. We’re proud to say that even though we haven’t been able to provide our usual face to face experience, our hardworking tutors and dedicated students have still had the same engaging learning experience through their computer screens. With the help of our E-Learning platform, we’ve kept the same curriculum and we’ve kept the same fantastic level of teaching. 

What Next?

Thanks to you for continuing to learn with us and thanks to the success of our online sessions and E-Learning platform, we’ve been thinking. The children in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands have been learning to code with us for years but now we’re looking to bring our online sessions nationwide. We want to let children all across the UK experienced the magic of coding and spark an interest that will last a lifetime. Very soon we will be launching our platform nationwide and we cannot wait to extend our family of coders.

We are so proud of our tutors and our students for their dedication in this strange time and we cannot wait to work with even more of you, whether it’s in our Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury classrooms or in our virtual one. We have lots of exciting things planned including fully funded courses. If you’d like to find out more about getting involved in our sessions and joining our coding family, get in touch here! You can also find information about our fully funded courses for adults and GCSE students here.


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