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What is RAF STEM Event?

RAF STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Event is an educational program organized by the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the United Kingdom. The event aims to inspire and educate young people about the exciting opportunities available in STEM careers, particularly in the field of aviation.

The RAF STEM Event usually includes a range of activities such as interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops, and demonstrations that showcase the various STEM-related roles within the RAF. Attendees are given the opportunity to engage with RAF personnel, learn about the latest technological developments, and gain insights into the range of careers available within the organization.

The event is open to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, as well as members of the public interested in STEM careers. The RAF STEM Event is part of the RAF’s wider outreach program, which aims to inspire and encourage young people to pursue careers in STEM, as well as to provide support and guidance to those who are interested in joining the RAF.

School of coding is partnering up with RAF for a STEM event!

It is an exciting partnership between School of Coding and the RAF for a STEM event! This collaboration could provide a great opportunity for young people to explore the world of coding and its applications in the context of the aviation industry.

What is included?

Drones: They are becoming increasingly important in the aviation industry, and by including them in the event, attendees could learn about their applications in various fields, including search and rescue, surveillance, and transportation. They could also have the opportunity to fly drones and learn about their operation and maintenance.

VR (virtual reality): It is another exciting technology that could be showcased at the event. Attendees could experience virtual simulations of flying a plane or helicopter, and also learn about the use of VR in training and development within the RAF.

Coding workshops: It could provide a hands-on learning experience for attendees, allowing them to learn coding skills and understand how coding is used in the aviation industry. They could also be introduced to coding languages commonly used in aviation, such as Python and C++.

Cyber Security: It is also a crucial component of the modern aviation industry, and by including it in the event, attendees could learn about the threats and challenges faced by the industry and the importance of cyber security in aviation. They could also be introduced to various cyber security tools and techniques used by the RAF.

Overall, these activities could provide a comprehensive learning experience for attendees, introducing them to various aspects of STEM and aviation, and inspiring them to pursue careers in these fields.

Ready to take your STEM skills to new heights? Join us on March 20th and 21st, 2023 for an action-packed RAF STEM Event with School of Coding at Royal Air Force Cosford. Get inspired and learn about the exciting opportunities available in STEM and aviation. Register now!

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/RAFCosford

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