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You are currently viewing HAF Holiday Club: A Great Way For Kids To Spend Their Time Off From School

What activities are available at the HAF Holiday Club?

The HAF holiday club is a great way for kids to spend their time off from school. The HAF Holiday Club offers a wide range of activities for children of all ages. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing a safe and enriching environment for your child to enjoy. The club is run by qualified and experienced staff who are all DBS checked.

Some of the activities we offer include:

  • Coding and robotics
  • Sports and fitness
  • Virtual reality
  • STEM activities

What are the benefits of attending the HAF Holiday Club?

With so many different activities on offer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Not only that, but the HAF Holiday Club is also a great way to keep kids active and fit during the holidays. Here are just some of the benefits of attending the HAF Holiday Club:

  • Learn about coding, robotics, and other STEM activities
  • Stay active and fit during the holidays
  • Meet new friends and have fun
  • Participate in exciting activities such as virtual reality

How to sign up for the HAF Holiday Club

Telephone: 01902 509 209

Email: [email protected]


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