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Cyber Security Workshops

Could your pupils possess the untapped potential to become the next generation of proficient Cyber Security specialists?

Learn about:

  • Introduction to Cyber Threats
  • Practical Security Measures
  • Ethical Hacking Basics
  • Personal and Online Safety

We invite you to explore this exciting possibility through a transformative opportunity offered by the School of Coding. In collaboration with the DSIT (Digital Security and Innovation in Technology), we proudly present an exclusive Cyber Security workshop that has been funded to empower young minds with the knowledge, skills, and passion necessary to thrive in the dynamic field of Cyber Security.

Does my School Qualify?

Students in Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, and Sandwell schools, starting from year 9 and onwards, are invited to participate in these engaging workshops. By joining these sessions, students can grasp the vital significance of Cyber Security and uncover how pursuing a GCSE or A-Level qualification in Computer Science can be a transformative step towards shaping their promising careers in the dynamic world of technology.

Completely FREE

Funded by DSIT

Our Cyber Security workshops are funded by DSIT, a pioneering force in digital security and innovation, ensuring that this workshop is more than just a learning opportunity. It’s a stepping stone toward a future where Cyber Securityis at the forefront of technological advancement. 

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